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Born in Seattle in 2007, with more than 300 events that occurred in more than 100 cities and 30 countries, the entrepreneurs’ favorite event will occur in Quebec for the first time in February 2012 (3,4,5) in Montreal !

Startup Weekend, What is it ? |

Facebook, Twitter, Groupon … Behind every great startup idea are a project leader, surrounded by the best advisors. Many would like to create their startup but few know how to do it! Dare to enter, although surrounded, develop the project and awareness takes time and energy … Where the majority of the entrepreneurs create their own company after months or even years, Startup Weekend give you the opportunity to create your own startup in only 54 … hours! And with exceptional results!

At a time when entrepreneurship is highlighted, where many would like to start their own business, Startup Weekend gives an answer to these challenges with an entrepreneurial adventure where you will meet and work (without realizing it) with amazing people with multiple skills, sharing your passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Springboard for students, professionals and startups, accelerator of projects, social and professional shaker, Startup Weekend is an event almost always sold out!

The concept is simple : launch your startup in 54 hours, work with your team from idea to creation in a very short time and win the Startup Weekend in Montreal!

Whether you are a student or professional, project leader or not, graphic designer, developer, or specialized in business skills (finance, business development, strategy, marketing, legal, …), you can bring your skills to the team and the project that will better catch your interest. Everyone has a place in a Startup Weekend.

Share your talents and ideas, let’s participate to a project that you will make growing in 54h, work with the best people to win the first Startup Weekend of Montreal !

The recipe is simple …

#1- Gather for a whole weekeend

  • People passionated about startups, web and innovation, budding entrepreneurs, whatever their profile, age, gender or profession, students or professionals
  • project leaders with a sense of Startup, more or less advanced, who want to go to achieve it in 54H
  • and experts and professionals in entrepreneurship, with the desire to share their experience

… With one common goal: to work together and create their startup!

#2 – Ingredients for Success: Concretely, how does it work? 

— Friday evening : kick-off is given by the Fire Pitch, where project leaders present their ideas in the amphitheatre in 1 minute, to bring together multidisciplinary teams of volunteers around their concept. One unique goal at the end of the weekend: to present the best project and to win all the votes of the jury, to convince investors and launch their startup!

—Saturday & Sunday : the dream teams thus formed will work hard with the help and advice from experts in marketing, finance, and web innovation. In parallel, conferences and feedback from professionals who have successfully launch their startup will be there to answer the questions that everyone is asking, in a spirit of ultra creative co-working.

—– On Sunday evening : the teams will present their projects to the jury to win the title of best project of the weekend, to win the prize, gain exposure and maybe, to be loved by investors who will invest in your project !

——– To convince them that their project is the best and will be a success story … and it works!

 #3 – Objectives of the recipe:

  • Gather all the conditions to success for those who want to start their startup or participate in such an adventure.
  • Trigger off meetings and vocations: you will join the global community of Startup Weekends, and certainly if you play the game, your network will explode in a weekend
  • You’ll find many tools related to business creation and launching of startup. You will discover what really does the word “StartUp” means. In short, you will probably change after participating in a Startup Weekend, you’ll want to change the world!
  • And hopefully you’ll launch your startup to success!

Why does it work?!?!

Let’s see the figures. You will see, these are quite impressive.

–       Nearly 35 000 entrepreneurs gathered by Startup Weekends around the world

–       30% of the projects presented will continue after the weekend and are still alive after 6 months

–       93% of participants keep in touch

–       2450 startups created since 2007 with over than 250 of them have raised funds in the days, weeks or months that followed, thanks to the visibility and credibility gained from the weekend! (Yes, 10% and it’s pretty impressive for a single weekend!)

–       A local event (we play), national covert (it’s in the media and on blogs) and international echoes (it breeds success).

Why me?! Who can participate? |

Startup Weekends bring together all lovers of creativity and innovation focused on startup, whatever their age, gender, profile or level of experience.

The great strength of Startup Weekends, is to gather extremely varied profiles and skills highly complementary to encourage meetings, emulation and synergies that boost creativity and productivity of participants.

The participants of Startup Weekends have profiles as diverse as this:

  • Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs,
  • Students, whatever their field of study and degree of specialization,
  • Commercials,
  • Engineers,
  • Web developers,
  • Graphic designers,
  • Lawyers,
  • Journalists,
  • Marketing profesionals,
  • Finance and accounting,
  • Business Angels and private investors …

Startup Weekend is above all a great way to bring together those with ideas, with those who can help them,  , forming a combination of both teams cut to success, as evidenced by the many success stories from the previous Startup Weekends.

In other words, whatever your profile, if you are creative, ambitious and motivated, if the business of Web and Digital is your passion, if you have have always dreamed of creating your business, Startup Weekend is for you!

# Reccurent questions : Why should I participate then?

 1)    If you have an idea of startup

We all know: to start from scratch, alone, is very difficult, and intimidates many people. Startup Weekend invites you to surround yourself with good employees, good advisors, to develop and market your idea to gain credibility and reputation – everything that you would take months if you were alone!

  • Carried out in 54 hours what would take you months alone
  • work with the best collaborators and go out of the isolation of creating alone
  • receive free advice from leading experts in multiple domains and complementary
  • develop and mature your project in just 3 days instead of months
  • win your first beta testers, power-users  and Ambassadors/li>
  • introduce you to users and investors
  • try to win various prizes to continue your adventure with success
  • gain credibility, legitimacy and reputation
  • … And maybe, as others did after a Startup Weekend, convince investors and raise funds!
  • What are the prizes? 

The project or projects designated by the jury will win support negotiated by the organizers with professional partners.

Startups lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, web agencies and web hosting companies: many benefits that will help the team to successfully launching their startup.

Go here to learn more about prizes and expect also surprises during the weekend!

  • Why should i introduce my project ? Why not ?

Throughout the weekend, and during the following weeks, all the web industry and entrepreneurship has their eye on the projects developed by the participants.

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*** All about Startup Weekend »»
A/ General infos B/ Submit a project C/ Event’s program
D/ Prizes offered E/ Our mentors, speakers and jurys F/ Bonus ***

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