Co-working space by Quo Vadis and Startup Weekend Montreal


“Why do we support Startup Weekend Montréal?” was the question that we addressed to one of our major contributors:

“Gestion Immobiliere Quo Vadis (GIQV) is more than just a real estate development company; they are office space with a view- a view on how businesses need to be a place where planet and people matter, while still generating profit.

Specializing in the field of incubator spaces and small and medium business (SMB) office space, GIQV has seen over time the sustainability behind the growth of startups and entrepreneurs. GIQV believes it is important to support our future generation.

There is a bigger picture behind our mission as entrepreneurs and business people; we are all working together towards making the world a better place not only for ourselves, but also our neighbors, our children and our children’s children, which is why it is so important for us to encourage startups and SMBs. They are the ideas behind sharing recipes, clothing inspirations and home designs. They are the cures for illness. They are the innovation behind cultivating urban agriculture on city rooftops and creating recyclable rain ducts. They are the creation of new jobs and the way of the future.

Supporting startups and SMBs is GIQV’s long-term investment in economic development for Quebec. Many buildings in our portfolio also organically grow startups and SMBs where we encourage innovation, networking and offer support systems within a community of entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to everyone participating in this startup event ! “