100,000$ in prizes, just for Startup Weekend Montreal participants!


We know you are not coming to Startup Weekend Montreal for prizes and for swags, but we think you will work harder if you know how much you can get on Sunday night.
Thanks to our sponsors, contributors and all other supporters of Startup Weekend, we are able to offer a substantial package to winners and all attendees of Startup Weekend Montreal summer edition.

The numbers are big and the list is long, so not going into details we’ll just say that the wining teams will have a fully equipped office space for 6 months offered by Quo Vadis, legal services from the high class company as Miller Thompson, accounting consultancy from BDO, designs, location mapping software, cloud services, their own domain, credit for shopping, venture capitalist meetings and many-many more.
Startup Weekend Montreal is also going to offer free online books to all attendees, hosting services and .co domains. Also we have special discounts for translation services, copyright and logo designs.
So be ready for a huge week-end, because in order to get all of this you have to be amazing!