Why Concordia?


When our team of Startup Weekend Montreal approached Concordia University to request for them to be host sponsor, the response we got was beyond description. As this event goes along Concordia’s mindset and initiatives, they offered us their full support, which made them without any doubt one of our premium sponsors.

We recently saw an article in the globe and mail written by Alan Sheppard the president of Concordia University talking about how teaching and learning will be reshaped. He mentioned 10 points of how he sees the renewing of the model of university education.

He mentioned how Universities must “Create and fund incubators, ateliers, accelerators. Include social innovation as well as the more usual kinds of entrepreneurism. Adopt problem-based learning models.”

We believe that what Concordia’s president is talking about here is their new initiative: District 3 Innovation center, a service offered to unleash their student and Alumni’s talent and passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, we will talk about it more in a future post.

Startup Weekend Montreal’s team is happy to have Concordia on board and we are dedicated to match their expectations by making this event unforgettable!